The CHHMA is pleased to have partnered with the Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC), Schulich School of Business, York University. This partnership will enable members to take advantage of a 10% discount off any Open Enrolment Programs that SEEC offers as well as a special rate for any In-House and Customized Programs that SEEC tailors for any member company.  Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount offered by SEEC.

For example, SEEC is offering an interesting 3-day program from November 13-15 at the Miles S. Nadal Management Centre called “The Senior Manager’s Guide to Implementing Practical Agile”, which aims to equip leaders and managers with the skills and knowledge required to run agile projects successfully.  Click here for more details. 

The SEEC’s mission is to deliver executive education that enables individuals to continue to develop their skills in the workplace and allows organizations to build the business skills and leadership capacity needed to sustain and prosper in this ever-changing world.

Continuing professional development is an essential part of your career.  Your standing as an industry professional depends on it.  Whether you need to tune up your existing business management and leadership skills, or learn new ones, SEEC offers many programs that are relevant to you.

SEEC’s extensive instructor knowledge base combined with their experiential approach to teaching provides all participants with the opportunity to learn and develop business and strategic thinking skills through real-world cases and techniques that can then be applied on the job.

All programs fall into one of three main categories of business interest: Management and Leadership; Business Operations and Finance; and Marketing & Sales with many sub-categories within those main categories.

The CHHMA discount code is CHHMA18.

For Inquiries: 416-736-5079, 1-800-667-9380,

Each and every program can be delivered in-house to your organization.  An in-house design team from SEEC works with organizations to tailor a program to address the unique and specific business goals and/or needs of your organization.  These programs can be delivered at SEEC, through one of the University network partners or can be held at your organization’s location.

For Inquiries: 416-360-8850, or Rami Mayer, Managing Director – 416-360-4681,


In addition to discounts of enrolment courses, the CHHMA-SEEC partnership includes the opportunity for CHHMA members to attend a number of seminars and webinars throughout the year to hear SEEC instructors speak on a variety of important topics impacting companies today.

Here are a couple of upcoming events which CHHMA members are welcome to participate in:

On October 17, from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT, join an interactive free webinar discussion with Bernard King, a labour relations specialist, and Cy Charney, a leading Canadian thought leader in the area of organizational performance, on the latest trends in managing unionized employees called “New Perspectives on Management – Union Relations.” 

Changes to collective agreements, labour laws, human rights codes, grievance and disciplinary procedures makes managing in a unionized environment challenging when it comes to maintaining a cohesive, trusting and motivated workforce:

  • How is your organization doing in working with the union as compared to others? Are you worse, the same, or better?
  • Why have some unions maintained a combative stance against their employers while others seem able to work collaboratively?
  • How can you gain an organizational advantage, effectively managing your unionized workforce and developing labour relations that produce win-win outcomes for all?

Join Mr. King and Mr. Charney to explore these and other questions related to managing and supervising unionized employees.

Click here for more details and to register.

On November 14, Ron Babin, program director of SEEC’s Centre of Excellence in Disruption and Transformation, will share his insights on how you can help your organization adapt to disruption caused by the digital revolution during a Breakfast Seminar called “Managing Disruptive Digital Change.”

This breakfast session will examine the underlying digital technology drivers that are creating this disruptive environment. The focus of the session will be to understand how digital disruption will affect businesses today and in the near future, and how existing businesses can prepare for the inevitable transformation that new technologies bring.

Those who attend the breakfast:

  • Will be able to benchmark their personal and organizational digital readiness, allowing them to understand strengths and weaknesses in their competitive digital positioning;
  • Will gain insight and will be able to begin or augment their competitive digital plans; and
  • Will understand how others in their industry are positioned to compete digitally.

This breakfast will examine firms’ organizational structure and whether their ability to adapt to change is evolving and allowing it to cope with the new skill requirements and employment arrangements for a (global) digital workforce. The overall theme of this introductory breakfast will suggest practical actions required by business organizations to prepare for, and succeed with, digital disruption.

The event is taking place from 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM EST at the Miles S. Nadal Management Centre (NMC), 500-222 Bay Street,Toronto, ON M5K 1K2

Click here for more details and to register ($25/ticket).