The CHHMA is interested in providing companies within the industry marketplace data and industry intelligence to help them with their business.   

Our latest Trade Data Report covers Tools including the categories of: power tools, tool parts, hand tools, spanners/wrenches, hydraulic powered tools, saw blades, drill bits, drills/screwdrivers/nut runners, pneumatic tools & parts, knives, ladders & mattocks/picks/hoes/rakes metal. 

These reports are produced by our analytics consultant Bob Smith who can be contacted at

Our Trade Data Reports are available on three levels:

  • Level 1: Value, Quantities and Unit Cost by Category with previous year comparison.
  • Level 2:  Value, Quantities and Unit Cost by Products with previous year comparison.
  • Level 3A: Major Canadian importers and Market Concentration by Product
  • Level 3B: Country of Origin by Product.

Level 1 data and level 2 are available free of charge as part of CHHMA membership.
Level 3 data is available at cost.

This CHHMA Tools Report 2019 contains all three levels as an example.
(Click the icon below to to download sample data)





We have recently produced a similar report on Small Appliances.  

If you have any questions and/or would like to see reports on other specific categories (HS codes) and products, please contact Michael Jorgenson at  or 416-282-0022 ext.134.

Trade Data Reports

The CHHMA Trade Data Reports are based on custom trade reports purchased from Statistics Canada, Canadian Border Services and Industry Canada. FOB Values and Quantities are the total of all items coming across the border.

FOB values cover all channels including stores, e-commerce, commercial and cross-border. 

Limitation of other reports: 

  • Stats Canada only reports “Retail” sales. Canadian companies that are not “Retailers” (i.e. manufacturers or wholesalers) are not included. 
  • Nielsen and other commercial reporting agencies use a sample of retailers to estimate the market and like Statistics Canada excludes manufacturers and wholesalers.
  • Electronic/ online shopping is incomplete. Amazon does not share data and only provides data to Stats Canada on total sales excluding 3rd party sales.
  • On-line purchases made by Canadian consumers from retailers located outside of Canada are excluded. Stats Canada cannot compel foreign companies to report sales to Canadians.

FOB Values

FOB value is the value of the goods loaded on for transport/ ships in the foreign harbour. 

Other additional costs are unique to each product category (weight, dimensions, tariffs). We suggest that companies use their import experience or contact a broker for estimates of Other Costs.

As a rule of thumb, retail values are estimated to be 2-3X FOB values shown.