In today’s retail environment, businesses need to stay agile and make intelligent, data-driven decisions. As part of CHHMA’s ongoing effort to help members gather better data and uncover greater insights, we are excited to announce that we have officially partnered with Krunchbox. Krunchbox is an easy-to-use application designed to help retail suppliers better analyze their POS, inventory and warehouse data to improve collaboration with retailers and identify new sales opportunities. As part of the partnership, CHHMA members will be given complimentary access for 12 months to a suite of Krunchbox dashboards, to assist in the analysis of their Walmart POS results.

This exclusive offer will consist of 10 dashboards that are designed to help our members gain the fast and timely insights needed to help increase sales and deliver supply chain improvements. Along with manufacturing great products, we know that data and analytics are paramount to running a successful organization. Organizations that have the ability to provide timely insights to their team and retail partners will maintain a substantial competitive edge over their competition. CHHMA and Krunchbox are committed to helping members address these business challenges now and moving forward.

For more information please contact:
Doug Murless
Country Manager, Canada
Tel: (416) 689-9139