As you know, the CHHMA is excited to have formed an exclusive partnership earlier this year with Krunchbox, the global retail data experts, to provide members with a 12-month free trial of Krunchbox analytics. 

As part of this program, members will gain FREE access to 15BI dashboards that will deliver better, faster, and more dynamic insights into your weekly sales, inventory and assortment performance at The Home Depot or Walmart. 

These dashboards are updated on a weekly basis and provide a better understanding of your business performance, in a fraction of the time, to those of you who are already receiving via existing portals or EDI. 

If you are currently receiving POS data from The Home Depot or Walmart and would like to take advantage of this complimentary program, please follow-up with Doug Murless at , 416-689-9139.

2020 POS Analytics Benchmark Study Now Available

In the meantime, Krunchbox is pleased to announce that they have recently published the highly-anticipated 2020 POS Analytics Benchmark Study. In this report, they look at how suppliers are leveraging POS analytics technology and how this is impacting collaboration with retailers and buyers. Some highlights include:

  • 93% of suppliers are actively analyzing POS data
  • 70% of respondents reported that their retail buyers’ expectations are on the rise, with an additional 75% of these respondents telling KrunchBox that their buyers are becoming increasingly receptive when they are presented with data-backed recommendations
  • 73% of companies view POS analytics as an investment in their organization
  • Respondents are 3.5x more likely to report that they are below average in leveraging POS data for buyer negotiations when they’re dissatisfied with their POS analytics solution

 Krunchbox have long known that product suppliers have a careful balancing act to master in order to be successful in the ever-changing retail market. Whether it’s managing a complex supply chain, allocating marketing spend or investing in R&D, today’s brands are spread thin as they battle on all fronts in an effort to grow sales and edge out the competition.

One critical element at play is the continuous process of analyzing and reacting to data points that serve as leading indicators for future growth. Among the many metrics that a product supplier must track, there is none more important than Point of Sale (POS).

To gain a better understanding of how product suppliers are leveraging this vital data source, Krunchbox have embarked on a global study to learn how leading companies are approaching POS analytics. They aim to shine a light on the current state of the industry, highlighting the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as technology continues to disrupt the status quo.

Clink here to download a free copy of the report.