The CHHMA is interested in providing our members with marketplace data and industry intelligence to help you with your business.  We recently have produced a Trade Data Report for the category of Small Appliances (import dollars, units, unit costs) broken down by products within that category for the years 2015 through 2017 and an Overall Report 2018 6 Months covering Numerous Product Categories within our industry.  The Overall 12 month report for 2018 will be available over the next few months and will incorporate some of the additional categories requested by members not reported on in previous reports.  These reports are available as part of CHHMA membership.

In addition, our analysts have just completed a Report on “Cleaning Products in Canada”.

As previously, the report consolidates Trade Data from Statistics Canada and Canadian Border Services and provides a summary of key issues for manufacturers and resellers.

Markets are dominated by giant consumer product companies.  Cleaning products are a massive market in terms of dollars and quantities with millions of kilos of cleaning products coming across the Canadian border every year.

Small environmentally focused manufacturers have struggled for decades to gain access to major distributors. Many of them are Canadian.

This report will give you insight behind the numbers including the fight for world dominance, major players, opportunities, brands & market concentration, costs and quantities for 2017-2018.

Products covered in the report include:

Covering Equipment
Air Fresheners
Dishwasher Detergent
Glass Cleaners
Polish Products
Rug/Carpet Cleaners
Soap Cleansers
Surface Cleansers
Vacuum Cleaner Bags
Cleaning Cloths of Textile
Industry Shop Towels
Pot Scourers/Pads
Vacuum Cleaner Bags

The report is available to CHHMA members at no charge.

Non-members can purchase a copy for C$299.00.

Please contact Michael Jorgenson at or 416-282-0022 ext.134 if you are interested in receiving a copy of the report.