PriceBeam has a special offer* for new client CHHMA Members that ends on December 31st 2019.

Offer #1
Receive two PriceBeam Comparative WtP studies or two PriceBeam Value Attribute studies for $12,000 vs our regular price of $17,000 for 2 studies.

Offer #2
Receive three PriceBeam Comparative WtP studies or three PriceBeam Value Attribute studies for $17,000. Our regular cost for 3 studies is $25,500

Offer expires December 31st and must be paid before then. This offer can be used anytime until March 31, 2020.

Your PriceBeam Pricing Insights will include:

  • Getting scientific pricing insights / intelligence about what price your customers are Willing to Pay. Optionally, comparing with competitors or product alternatives.
  • Predicting what your Customers are willing to pay for a product that has not yet been launched and setting the optimal price at New Product Introduction launch.
  • Support for optimizing marketing investments: if customers see the product as “too expensive” then invest in communication and brand equity or re-configure the product. If customers see the product as “too cheap” then implement price increases.
  • Getting analytical insights to make price increases that stick. Fast – in 24-48 hours at a minimal cost.
  • Obtaining a scientific understanding of optimal price points and their influence on both volume demand and revenue/profits

If this offer is of interest to you, PriceBeam would be very happy to tell you more. You can learn more about PriceBeam from their website, or on their blog, where they write a wealth of articles about how price optimization can help companies like yours improve their margins and profits.

Click here to Sign up for a 30 day free trial.

For more information on their services or prices, please contact: 

Elio Tremonti
(416) 998 1461



* Cannot be combined with everyday 10% discount for CHHMA members on regular priced studies.

About PriceBeam
PriceBeam brings decades of pricing experience and know-how to customers who want to take the guesswork out of pricing.  The company is all about helping companies improve on their pricing by taking the guesswork out of what the prices should be. They scientifically survey and analyze customers’ willingness to pay and use this to offer insights as well suggested actions for how to price.

From the outset PriceBeam has been created as a global enterprise with representation around the world. PriceBeam provides market research about customers’ willingness-to-pay in 109 countries. The team boasts experienced pricing industry veterans with decades of experiencing in helping companies around the world manage and optimize their prices and price structures.

PriceBeam offers superior, cost-efficient and fast pricing research to a variety of industries, including consumer goods, consumer services, startups and entrepreneurs and investors.