The CHHMA is excited to announce that it has recently formed an exclusive partnership with Krunchbox, the global retail data experts, to provide members with a 12-month free trial of Krunchbox analytics. 

As part of the free program, members will gain access to 15 dashboards to help track weekly sales, inventory and assortment performance metrics, for one chosen retailer. These dashboards will be automatically updated on a weekly basis and will provide additional insights to those that you are already receiving via existing portals.

If you are currently receiving POS data from The Home Depot or Walmart and would like to take advantage of this complimentary program, please contact: 

Doug Murless
Country Manager, Canada
Tel: (416) 689-9139

Along with manufacturing great products, the Krunchbox team knows that data and analytics are paramount to running a successful organization. Organizations that have the ability to provide timely insights to their team and retail partners can maintain a substantial competitive edge over their competition. 

CHHMA and Krunchbox are committed to helping members address these business challenges now and into the future!