During the past couple of weeks, the CHHMA has been conducting weekly GoToMeeting Conference Calls with our CORE (Chief Officers Reaching Excellence) and SMART (Sales Managers Achieving Results Together) networking groups (that normally meet in person on a quarterly basis) to allow members to keep in touch with each other during this unprecedented time.  

The calls provide an opportunity to seek and share information on how member companies are handling the COVID-19 crisis including office staffing, in-store calls, manufacturing, warehousing and shipping operations; what state are offshore factories in; how are they dealing with the falling Canadian dollar; current POS and sales projections over the coming months; what is the latest feedback and news from major retailers; what are plans for future trade shows and any other issues that they would like to raise.

We also have an HR group that is conducting conference calls as well.

If you are a senior executive, sales manager, marketing manager, senior account manager or HR manager from a CHHMA member company and would like to participate in one of these future calls, please reach out to CHHMA President Sam Moncada at smoncada@chhma.ca or 416-282-0022 ext.125.